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May Day ( May 01 2007 )

The first of May, the day after Walpurgisnacht, and Labour Day throughout much of the world. And a poem by Rilke.

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So it goes. ( April 12 2007 )

Newspapers and other sources have reported that Kurt Vonnegut Jr., 84, died Wednesday, as a result of brain injuries caused after a recent fall.

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This and That: Pirates say Argh! ( April 04 2007 )

If I'm watching TV and a commercial comes on, that tells me it's time to change channels or go to the kitchen or go to the bathroom. If I put in a DVD and I'm forced to watch an unskippable intro-sequence that tells me it's time to go the kitchen or go to the bathroom. If commercials are shown in the movie theater that's a sign to me to keep on talking to my friends. Trailers ... trailers I like to watch. But the ads?

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Can't Get Too Much ... ( April 03 2007 )

There are certain foods I could eat all day, every day, and really not get tired of them. I think. I hope. And then there are a few more that aren't so much foods as ingredients, those things that spice other things up. And then there are heavy metals. Alas.

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Smoking: Mucha and Fish ( April 02 2007 )

I was firsts introduced to the works of Mucha years ago during my undergrad period, probably when I was studying abroad in Europe, and likely when I visited the Fine Arts Museum in Budapest. It's not that they had Mucha, at least not much Mucha, but they had postcards and books and prints, and there was something in his art nouveau stylings that combined so-called fine art and advertising or commercial graphic design. Now he is just a style for others to emulate and translate to different genres; he has been grammaticalized, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

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Spam and Spying ( March 27 2007 )

A talk with Hope yesterday about The Lives of Others reminded me, too, about a recent Slashdot story about National Security Letters, and today there was a post about no-fly-list equivalents for banking and commerce. Oh, and spam.

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BSG 3x20: Here's your Watchtower ( March 26 2007 )

Friends and colleagues and acquaintances alike wax rhapsodic about the finale to season three of BSG, the significance of Bob Dylan in the background, the revelation of the Four, and the identity of the Fifth. Me? I just jot down barely coherent webs of musings and ideas and ill-founded theories.

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Your Usemonopoly along the Watchtower ( March 25 2007 )

The essay of the day comes to us via a time machine and Jonathan Lethem, who published an essay on plagiarism, intellectual property, cultural production and creativity and the like in Harper's back at the end of January, and while it was covered by Slashdot and other sources in February, only now did I get around to it.

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Colorless green ideas sleep furiously, with a vengeance ( March 23 2007 )

As one reader noted, I have my own private soap opera (of losers, which is, of course, the best kind); I might as well provide a recent update. Plus the Spam of the Day.

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Brecht's Spring ( March 18 2007 )

Dashboard tells me that the high temperatures for today and the next two days are 47F. It's a Pomona Spring, one might say. On that note, a poem by Brecht.

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