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My Mom


My mother, Gloria K. E. van Oyan, is a very special person who always supported and encouraged me while I was growing up. She and my step-father live in Kooskia, Idaho, a small town in northern Idaho. For several years they lived in MaCall, Idaho, a small, gorgeous, town in central Idaho. Surrounded by mountains, McCall sits on the shores of Payette Lake, and is only minutes away from great camping, fishing, and skiing. My mom was born and raised in Oregon, and we share the same birthday. She has a brother and a sister. I have a small pages of photos of her.


My Father


An Idahoan to the core, my father, John S. Krause, has lived most of his life in the Gem State. The only son of immigrant parents, my dad grew up in Nampa, Idaho. He was the first in his family to go to college: he attended Boise Jr. College (now Boise State University) and later the College of Idaho (now Albertson College of Idaho), where he received his B.A. He lived for several years in Oregon, but in 1979 our family moved to Idaho, where we've stayed ever since. He had a long career with General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC), and retired (1996) after 31 years. He now works for a dealership in Boise.


My Brother


My brother, Mike, graduated from Albertson College of Idaho (in Caldwell, Idaho) in June of 2000. After graduating from Meridian High School in June of 1996, he went on a two-week trip to Japan with former classmates and his Japanese teacher. He currently lives in Madison. As an actor has performed in local productions of West Side Story, The Nutcracker, a play titled Debris, the Peter Pan ballet (as Captain Hook), and in the successful Sweet-Cannoli Nuptials. He spent the summer of 2003 performing in Tecumseh! (in Chillicothe, Ohio). He currently runs the Madison Hostel. I have devoted a separate page to his formative years. Enjoy.

I have a further page containing photos my family, including grandparents, etc.