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Family Members

Let us go for those pictures of family members and such now. This is by no means a complete listing, but as long as I have server space, I might as well use it.


Here is the family camping in Eastern Oregon many years ago, when I was really young. One has to love the Captain America t-shirt, no? We used to go camping all the time in the forests/mountains of Eastern Oregon. On one such trip I fell off the camper/trailer and cracked my head open, necessitating an end to the trip and a quick drive to the hospital many miles away. This was not that trip. Click for a larger version.

Family portrait

When I was fairly young and living in Idaho we went in for a series of family portraits. In front are my parents, and in back, from left to right: Jim (my cousin and Florence’s son, who was staying with us at the time), me, and Mike (my brother). After working up at Bogus Basin (ski resort near Boise) for a while and other jobs he joined the Navy.

Family portrait

From that portrait session we have a portrait of just my parents. It is amuing to look at these pictures and to see how the 80s are encoded in the style—clothing, hair, background ... portraits are not just of people, are they?

Family portrait

The final portrait shot from that session includes (from left to right) my brother Mike, myself, and my cousin Jim. I love the traditional composition of these pictures; there is a concern with lines and angles, but none really with depth.


Here we have a photo of my maternal grandparents taken during a trip to Oregon, probably in 1992, after I returned from my first year abroad in Germany. It was a hot, dry summer, as one can tell by the brown, thin grass. This was taken in Newberg, Oregon—part of the Willamette Valley and generally quite lush and green.


From that same trip we have a photo of my grandfather standing in front of his garage. While the picture itself is a bit unbalanced, I can imagine the same shot taken from a different angle being quite good.

Florence and Gary

Later on the same trip, one of our last family trips, we went and visited my aunt in Sublimity, which is not far from Salem. The countryside is gorgeous, and features rolling hills, lots of trees and fields, and tall mountains on the horizon. This photograph features Florence and Gary Hoffecker, my aunt (mother’s sister) and uncle.

Other Relatives

My father’s family lives mostly in Idaho, and we visit with them quite frequently. Here are two pictures of other relatives and friends of the family: Lorraine, Beth, Cathy, and Bea. This was taken in the mid-90s.

More Relatives

From that same occasion we have yet more relatives and such: Al, Lorraine again, Bea, and Cecil. Basically we have the Links, friends of the family, ad Bea and Al, Beth’s cousin and her husband from California. Since they lived in Orange County, I would often stay with them when on break from Pomona.