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Little Girl

Little girl, little girl
   do not cry;
   little girl
   little girl,
   you'll learn to fly

Falling from trees,
a gift so true,
petals in the sunlight---
oaths whispered new

Mommy from the hospital
daddy from the war
brother from the prison
sister at the store

No one at home
no one for you
grandma's in the grave
none left for you

Your angel's in the clouds
   angel's in the trees
   angel's in the flowers
   buzzing like the bees

Little girl, little girl
you'll learn to fly---
   up high
   up high,
spread your wings out wide---
   perchance to fly

Climb the barn
climb the trees
climb up high
to feel the breeze

Close your eyes
release your cries
   the day is long
   the day is gone
   wipe your tears
   forget your years
follow the path
   your angel flies

Notes: Like ``Black Cat, White Cat'', this poem resulted from a stroke of inspiration while sitting at the computer and chatting on ICQ early in 2002. I sought to give it a sort of lullaby feel, and I wished to contrast the girl's sad and isolated life with the flight into nature.