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Black Cat, White Cat

Scale the roof---
What's the matter?

Black cat
White cat,
Tiny paws---
They do cause
The clitter-clatter

Hissy prissy
Nasty kitties
Scrape and scratch
Their furs don't match

White cat
Black cat,
What to do?

Black cat
White cat,
They are two

On the roof
I do shiver
It's winter time
And snow is fine
But night will come
My job's near done;
So i throw the cats
From the roof
To the river

Black cat
White cat,
Black as coal
White as rice
Calmer now
Cold as ice

Notes: Inspiration hits at random, and in this case it hit while I was sitting at my computer having a chat on ICQ. The poem is both narrative and nonsensical, and the title comes from an Emir Kusturica film of the same name.