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Photos of Steve

Here are some photos of me; years ago someone on ICQ requested them, and I decided to put a small gallery together. None of these are particularly recent, but they provide an interest tour through my past.

Let’s start at the beginning

It doesn’t get much “earlier” than this. Nov. 30, 1974.

Me as a young child

Me as a young child—age 5? Western shirt, missing teeth (due to an encounter with a cement floor ...), ghastly smile.

Another picture of me

Probably 4th grade or so, school picture.


Oliver Twist—our 6th grade musical. It was a great deal of fun—I was the narrator, or one of them, at least. This is from after the performance, with Jon Vance up front, Mrs. Haine behind, David in back on the left, me in back on the right, and Daniel in front of me.

Another picture of me

This was taken in the youth hostel in Celle, Germany, just after I’d made—or had someone else make—the mask I’m holding in my hands. Age 17.

Sitting on grass

The first of several senior picture (high school) proofs I’m posting. Amazing—that was age 17. It doesn’t seem that long ago.

Another picture of me

This was the most pretentious of the poses suggested by the photographer.

Tux shot

This was one of the studio shots with a tux. It is still the only time I’ve worn one—or at least the shirt, tie and jacket. While wearing it I ripped out the back, because it was too narrow across the shoulders.

Another picture of me

The last senior picture. I am not fond of the smile, but that is life.

Venice, on a bridge

It’s a bit fuzzy. I was standing on a bridge in Venice, Italy at the time ... some winding streets, folks in boats, leaning buildings, murky water. All the good stuff. November, 1995.

In Germany

Here we are in June of 1996 at Castle Neuschwanstein in southern Bavaria, Germany. Photo by Catherine Finely.