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Grammar: The grammar explanations I give are what I call "functionally correct"—I am willing to give up complete syntactic and morphological precision in order to make the material accessible; I am interested in finding ways to make particular topics relevant or more comprehensible. My focus, in a broad sense, tends to be more diachronic and comparative than synchronic. If, on the other hand, I state something completely out of line with regard to contemporary linguistic theory on the subject, feel free to email me (and please provide an updated/corrected version of the incorrect material).

Spelling: I am human and I make spelling and typing errors. In addition, I was "raised" on the old spelling rules; I occasionally employ the old rules when I should employ the new. I have been known to assign the wrong gender to a noun from time to time; corrections are welcome.

Texts: The literary-poetic and song texts I provide here are meant for classroom use; often I will provide a glossed version, and/or a fill-in-the-blank text to be used for activities. This is not intended as an archive of German song lyrics.