The term project, taken out of context, cannot be properly pronounced. It is either (for example):

I, personally, do not project such an image, no matter which project it is, upon which I am working.

The question of word stress is mildly interesting; in English it is very important, of course. In Mandarin, we have to deal with "tones", not just stress. In Hungarian, there is essentially only one place to put the stress - on the first syllable. Nice and simple. In Serbo-Croat it is a slightly more difficult matter, for there are some rules, but other things simply must be learned. Besides simply "stress", it has a sort of tone-system. I doubt it is as difficult as English in this regard, but for me, it's still a pain.

Trivial Tidbit is just one of my many projects. In some regards it is a writing project, but at the same time it is, for me, a sort of web project. It is not a writing project insofar as the writing that shows up here is not of a high quality and is not intended to be "good" or "artistic". To the extent that I simply write a lot of words and put down lots of ideas, it is a writing project.

In some regards, my whole website (Helicon) is a sort of writing and web project for me. An important aspect is the "for me" bit - these pages are personal both in that they present information about me and in that they are by and for me.

I always have lots of projects - the problem is finding time to pursue them all. By putting many of my writing projects and such on my computer (and/or on the web), I have a central repository for my materials.

In addition, it provides me with a way to exhibit to the world some of the really stupid things that I receive (via e-mail, for example) - like really stupid e-mail from utter dorks.