I believe in evolution. What do I mean by that statement?

First - no, not first, but at least first in this short presentation - I do not believe in so-called "creation." None of this wacky god-shit. Even wackier, so-called "creation-science". There's no science in it.

I do believe in science, though. This does not imply that I believe all the scientific theories out there. Nor does this mean that I support the work of all scientists out there. What it does mean is that I support personal observation - the use of one's faculties (both those of sensory input and of rational reflection) - as the best ways to interact with the world. Whether this amounts to "believing" and/or "belief" is immaterial, for what it does not amount to in the actual practice of this methodology is "faith", which is blind

So, when I say I believe in evolution, I mean several things:

However, this does not mean that I necessarily draw the same conclusions from these statements that many have done before me. In particular,

I think that evolution is a structure that describes observable data. It is not teleological in nature, and it is not limited to "nature" in its scope, necessarily. But since it is descriptive, not prescriptive, it should not be used as a model upon which to base behavior.

One argument goes along the lines that through evolution and scientific materialism the human subject becomes merely and object. A world without god becomes a world without morals and without humanity. The two counter arguments I make are as follows:


I like that "Darwin" fish (with feet) swallowing that stupid little "Jesus" fish - my brother had put one on my car one year. It evidently scared off one of his dates.