I took a seminar on death - a whole semester of talking about that subject. Actually, it was quite interesting and educational, and I'm very glad I took that course. Of course, my lack of knowledge regarding the Bible was a problem at times, since we read several excerpts from that text.

What sorts of points would I like to make here regarding death? Mostly trivial and obvious statements, but ones that we at times forget.

It interests me the ways in which death can be used. For example, look at all the people who are willing to die for a cause - to die for a nation, for example. When it comes to dying for a nation, the problem is, of course, that the nation is a construct. Notice that in various memorials to dead soldiers, we usually deal with the unknown soldier - not a specific, well-identified individual. Only by being unknown can this figure transcend his/her (usually his) individuality an in some way signify the nation's sacrifice.

Then there is the question of how death is seen. Is it a process? A journey? A single event? Do you go to death, or does it come for you. I'll give a few quick points for thought.