Alone is how I live.

I have been asked before if I live alone - some people my age from other countries find that sort of astounding. Actually, it's the combination of me living alone and away from "home". Of course, it's quite natural for someone like me to live alone, on my own. At least in this culture.

Alone is a physical state - the state of being not with others, but only with oneself. Hence, it is also an emotional/psychological state - even in the company of others, one can be alone.

Being alone is not necessarily the same thing as being lonely.

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If this site is for me alone, what is the purpose of sharing it with others? Am I really "sharing" it? Or is presenting it to others merely a way of exhibitionsism on my part and staged voyeurism on their part?

How can it be sharing, since there is no communication.

I give, what do I receive?

I give, but do they receive?