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There was a time

There was a time when a little roly poly bunny went hopping through the forest. It was a beautiful day, to be sure. The sun sent down UV-light, and not an acid-rain-filled cloud could be seen for miles. Three-eyed fish swam lazily on their arched backs and six-legged amphibians played leapfrog upon petroleum-stained limestone blocks. Not a tree in the forest was burning; they had all been clear-cut.

At this opportune moment our hero, a slack-jawed, two-headed bunny was happily hopping down a picturesque, litter-ridden path. The little beast managed to avoid spikes of rusty cans and hypodermic needles as he searched for glow-in-the-dark food.

As he sat down quaintly on his festering haunches, munching away at a carrot, a huge twelve-toed wolf stepped into the open and tried to maul the unsuspecting bunny. But our hero did not give in. Turning on the wolf, both bunny heads snapped at the wolf's purple face, easily drawing blood. Within seconds the bunny bit through the wolf's neck and returned to grazing on it's blue carrot.

And this beautiful day went on without any further disruption.

Notes: This began as an experiment to mix the tone of a fairty tale or fable with post-apocalyptic grotesqueries.