Klaus L. Berghahn

Curriculum Vitae

German Department
University of Wisconsin
860 Van Hise Hall
Madison, WI 53706
Tel: (608) 262-2192
Fax: (608) 262-7949
E-mail: klbergha@facstaff.wisc.edu

Center for German and European Studies
University of Wisconsin
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Madison, WI 53706
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Date of Birth: August 5, 1937
Place of Birth: Düsseldorf, Germany (US Citizen)
Married to Doris E. Berghahn, nee Beyer (Aug. 10, 1966)
One Child, Marcus Jens Berghahn (Feb 19, 1969)



Lessing-Gymnasium, Düsseldorf (Abitur)


University of Cologne (History, Philosophy, German Literature)


University of Münster


Philosophicum (Examination in Philosophy and Pedagogics)


Staatsexamen (German Literature, History)


Dr. phil., University of Münster



Tutor/Assistent, University of Münster


Assistant Professor of German at the University of Wisconsin-Madison


Associate Professor, UW-Madison


Full Professor, UW-Madison

1986 --

Affiliated with the History Department, UW-Madison

1993 --

Executive Committee of Jewish Studies, UW-Madison

1998 --

Directory, Center for German and European Studies

1999 --

Weinstein-Bascom Professor for German-Jewish Studies

Visiting Professor at the following Universities:

Free University of Berlin (1978), Bielefeld (1980-81), Gieß (1983, 1992), Michigan (1984), University of California-Davis (1989), Hebrew University, Jerusalem (1993)

Offers from the following Universities

Bryn Mawr College (1970), Ohio State University (1972), Washington University (1978), Cornell University (1985), University of California-Davis (1989)

Fellowships, Awards, Grants


Dissertation Fellowship, University of Münster


Stiftung Volkswagen: Dissertation Fellowship


American Philosophical Society Fellowship (summer)


Fellowship at the Institute for Research in the Humanities


American Philosophical Society Fellowship (summer)


Romnes Research Fellowship, UW-Madison


UW Graduate School (Research Grant, Fall Semester)


Fellowship at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, University of Bielefeld


Zinn-Fellowship, University of Gießen


Schiller Medaille (Universität Jena)


ACLS Travel Grant (summer)


Faculty Development Grant (Fall)


Vilas Associate, UW-Madison


Senior Member of Institute for Research in the Humanitites


DAAD Study Visit (summer)


Fellowship at the Franz Rosenweig Research Center for German-Jewish Culture, Hebrew Univerity, Jerusalem


DAAD/ACLS Cooperation Project with Bonn (grant)


Faculty Development Grant (Fall)


DAAD Study Visit (summer)


Weinstein-Bascom Professorship


And 14 Summer Research Grants from the Graduate School of the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Professional Activities

Member of the MLA, AATG, IVG, GSA, DGE18J, Lessing-, Herder-, Schiller-, Goethe Societies.

Editorial Board of Monatshefte (since 1970), Michigan Germanic Studies (since 1985), Goethe Yearbook (since 1988).

Review Editor of Monatshefte, 1984-1985 and 1991.

Editorial Consultant for PMLA, German Quarterly, Modern Drama, New German Critique and for the University Presses of Nebraska, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana.

MLA Executive Committee of the Division: 19th and Early 20th Century German Literature (1974-1978, Chair 1977)

MLA Executive Committee of the Division: 18th and Early 19th Century German Literature (1983-1988, Chair 1987)

DAAD Selection Committee (1985)

Review Committee: German Department, University of Minnesota (1987)

AATG Program Committee (1990-1991)

Advisory Committee for the German Department of Harvard University, 1994/95 and 1996/97

IVG Program Committee, World Congress Vancouver 1995

Fulbright Commission (German Section), 1995-98

German American Arts Foundation (Chicago), Advisory Board, 1995-

Advisory Board of MLA's Profession, 1996-1998

Organizer of Special Sessions, Conferences and Symposia:

Special Sessions for MLA: Peter Weiss (1983), Friedrich Schiller (1984), Ernst Bloch (1985), Perpetual Peace (1988)

Special Session for AATG: Hugo Friedrich's "Struktur der modernen Lyrik" - Revisited and Revised. (1991)

Special Session for GSA: Interdisciplinarity (1992)

10th Burdick-Vary Symposium on "Utopian Visions" for the Institute for Research in the Humanities (1987)

International Symposium on "The Hidden Side of Weimar Classicism" at University of California at Davis (with Karl Menges, 1990)

15th Burdick-Vary Symposium on "The German Jewish Dialogue - Two Centuries of a Non-Event?" for the Institute for Humanities (1993)

26th Wisconsin Workshop on "Responsibility and Committment - The Ethics of Cultural Mediation" (1995)

DAAD/ACLS Cooperation Project between the German Departments of the Universities of Bonn and UW-Madison on "Representation and Reception of the Holocaust in Germany and the United States":

August 29/30, 1996: Workshop in Madison on Holocaust Films
March 24/25, 1997: Workshop in Bonn on the American Reception of the Holocaust
October 5/6, 1997: Symposium in Madison on Recent Debates about the Holocaust and Teaching the Holocaust

Goethe in German-Jewish Culture. International Symposium on the Occasion of Goethe's 250th Birthday. (Organized by the Center for German and European Studies in cooperation with the Department of German and the Center for Jewish Studies, Oct. 28-30, 1999)

Academic Services

All departmental committees, esp. Graduate-, Fellowship-, and Budget- Committee
Graduate Advisor (1973-1988)
UW-Senate (1974-1978, 1985-1987)
Research Committee (1976-1979)
Review Committee for the Philosophy Department (1986)
Humanities Executive Committee (1987-1990, and 1991-92)
Graduate School Executive Committee (1991/92)
Jewish Studies Program: Steering Committee (1989-1993)
Jewish Studies Executive Committee (1993-)
Search Committees for German, History and Jewish Studies
DAAD Campus Selection Committee (Chair, 1994-1997)
Karl Schurz Professorship Committee (Chair, 1994-1997)
Markham Memorial Scholarship Committee (1994-1997)

Chair of the German Department (1994-1997)
Chacellor's Ad Hoc Committee for DAAD Center for German and European Studies (1997, Chair)
Director, Center for German and European Studies (1998-)

Advisor of twenty-five dissertations, three in progress.

Areas of Research and Teaching

History of German Literature and Culture since the 18th Century
History of Literary Theory and Criticism since the 18th Century
Theory of genres, esp. drama and poetry
Utopian Literatures, utopian thinking
History and Methods of Germanistik
History of German-Jewish Culture since the 18th Century
History of Modern Anti-Semitism

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